Where are the big impacts?


The carbon footprint will show you which elements of your organisation / product life cycle produce the most greenhouse gases, and therefore where you should concentrate your efforts on lowering your footprint.


So, if importing hops from around the world is only responsible for 3% of the footprint, but the brewing  stage is responsible for 32% of the footprint, it makes sense to concentrate on lowering the impact of your brewing first.


How can I reduce the big impacts?


CWC will work with you to see how certain processes or materials could be changed or reduced. CWC will then evaluate what impact each change could have. This might involve trying to use:


-  less packaging material

-  materials that are lighter in weight or made from recycled materials

-  more efficient brewing practices / equipment

-  suppliers that are more efficient

-  low emission transport

-  greener energy.


How do I reduce my footprint?

pie chart