How green is your beer?

The Kernel Brewery was keen to reduce the carbon footprint of its beers. But, unsure of where the big impacts lay over the life of the beer, the owner did not know where to start.


Cool World Consulting was contracted to undertake detailed carbon footprint analyses of two of the brewery's packaging types – bottles and disposable kegs. In addition, we analysed the steel kegs which the brewery was considering using in the future.


Our analyses highlighted which stages of the life of the beer were the biggest contributors to the carbon footprint, and compared the brewery footprint to UK averages. The upstream and downstream elements were also assessed, such as the production and disposal of the packaging, and the distribution of the beer. By testing the impact of variables (such as the recycled content of the bottle and different glass colours), opportunities to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the products were identified.


The research also enabled the brewery owner to see whether a switch to reusable kegs would reduce their carbon footprint.


All data and analysis from this carbon footprint has been saved on our database. It will be revisited next year in light of any changes implemented, and analysed again to see if further reductions can be made.


kernel ale bottle

“It was a pleasure working with Lucy. Her focus and attention to detail were outstanding, as was her ability to break down complicated chains into manageable pieces. "


Evin O’Riordain, Owner of The Kernel Brewery