Based on the findings of an in-depth project looking at the carbon footprint of beer in different packaging types, we have developed a carbon footprint calculator. For breweries who want to understand the impact of their products and own operations, this calculator is a simple and cost-effective solution because it is tailored specifically to the brewing sector.


What do I need to supply for a carbon footprint assessment?


1. Decide what you want to measure (just brewery emissions, the whole life of bottled beer, the whole life of kegged beer etc...)

2. Provide quantities of inputs (e.g. malt, hops, electricity for brewing, bottles etc...) and outputs (e.g. spent grain, solid waste, beer). Also provide either fuel use data or the average distance travelled per bottle / keg for distribution.

3. Provide other information, such as where the inputs are sourced from, and how they are transported to your brewery.


What will CWC do?


CWC will then calculate the inputs and outputs per hectolitre of beer, by inputting this data into the carbon calculator. The calculator multiplies the inputs, outputs and travel data by specific emission factors, to give a total carbon footprint per product. CWC will then analyse the findings.


How will this information be presented?


CWC will present the findings in tables and graphs, showing the impact of each stage of the life of the beer.  This will be accompanied by an analysis of where the carbon emissions 'hotspots' are, and where efforts should be focussed on emissions reduction.


To find out more about this calculator, please get in contact.



Beer carbon footprint calculator