Why calculate the footprint of your organisation or product?


A carbon footprint can help you to:


-  Identify cost savings;

-  Enhance your brand by demonstrating environmental and corporate social responsibility;

-  Make more informed decisions by testing how different variables (e.g. packaging types,    distribution method or distance) can impact on the overall footprint;

-  Compare your performance to industry averages; and

-  Align your commercial and environmental goals.


What will CWC do?


CWC will agree with you the scope of your project - what are the aims and how do you hope to use the information?


Once you have provided CWC with the necessary information, we will calculate your footprint, and do some analysis to show you which are the biggest impacts from your organisation's operations / product, and therefore where you should focus on reducing your impact.


Many organisations are very suprised with the results. You sometimes find that changes you've made to try and improve your environmental impact may not actually be having the impact you'd intended.


CWC assessed the carbon footprint of The Kernel Brewery's Pale Ale. You can read more about the project here.


CWC also assesses the carbon footprint of Neal's Yard Dairy and has provided carbon footprinting services for Williams Warn.

pie chart

You can download CWC's carbon footprint guides and reports by clicking on the icons below.