CWC's work on air quality

Successful behaviour Change Campaigns


Cool World Consulting delivered an award-winning air quality campaign for Great Ormond St Hospital. The campaign involved delivering an anti-idling training programme for ambulance drivers, creating a 'no idling zone' in the streets around the hospital, and developing walking maps showing how to get to the hospital from nearby stations.


The campaign resulted in the eradication of idling of vehicle engines by ambulance drivers (previously drivers were idling 63% of the time), and an increase in low / zero emission patient transport from 69% to 80%.


You can read more about the project on this page.


Green infrastructure - designing gardens for air pollution mitigation


CWC designed a garden for Great Ormond St. Hospital's school with plants and trees that can help to absorb air pollution. To find out more about how plants absorb air pollution, see this page with further information.


Air pollution monitoring


CWC has conducted air quality monitoring to inform many of its air quality campaigns. Examples include monitoring black carbon levels on journeys to Great Ormond St Hospital London from nearby train stations, comparing levels on different modes of transport. Read about the findings here. Monitoring has also been conducted at bus stops to show the effect on pollution levels when a bus comes to a bus stop and idles its engine, compared to when a bus switches off at the bus stop. Personal exposure monitoring on pupils' journeys to school has also been conducted to show how choosing a quieter route to talk to school can result in lower pollution exposure.

Fig 5 - Ambulance driver proudly displaying window Fig 5 - Ambulance driver proudly displaying window