CWC Environmental (formerly Cool World Consulting C.I.C.) is an award-winning environmental consultancy that delivers campaigns and projects for local authorities, schools, hospitals and businesses.


CWC Environmental specialises in air quality and carbon management, and has extensive experience of running behaviour change programmes in these areas.







CWC has worked with several London Hospitals - Great Ormond St, St Mary's, Barts and the Whittington - to train ambulance drivers about air quality and get them to pledge not to idle. Find out what impact the campaign has had on idling levels by clicking here.



CWC Environmental and project partner Green Gumption are now in Year 3 of the London-wide Idling Action campaign, which is run across 18 London boroughs. We deliver idling action events at schools, hospitals, town centres, Business Improvement Districts and public events buildings. The campaign is funded by the Mayor's Air Quality Fund.


We have also helped other groups and local authorities set up campaigns in other parts of the country.

This video was created with respiratory patients at Great Ormond St Hospital, as part of CWC's award-winning cleaner air campaign.

Fig 5 - Ambulance driver proudly displaying window sadler photo Picture2 car sticker GOSH_AirQuality_SouthMap_Routes

These walking maps, which were created with patients, for patients, show how to get to the hospital from nearby stations by walking. These maps helped to increase the number of patients choosing low / zero emission tranpsort from 63% to 79%.